Cambodia : Sihanoukville




Sihanoukville .
Sihanoukville .

Meanwhile I was waiting for the dentist appointment in Phom Phen  . I went to the beach Sihanoukville , with my friend  Xabi . We went by bus , we spent 5 days relaxing in the beach . We stayed in a hostel , with a comfortable bed , things that sometimes I appreciate . Besides , in Cambodia , acommodation is very   cheap .

Vistas desde la habitacion en Sihanouk
Views  , from the room ,  Sihanoukville .

It was very quiet , Victory Hill , full of old people and many French . Beaches were very quiet aand really beautiful . The weather wasnt very good ,  it was raining a little bit everyday . Our routine , in the morning ,  we had breakfast , a sandwich ( baguette ) . Its not easy to find baguette in Asia , but Cambodia was French colony , thats why you can find , it was very tasty .

Tomando una cervecita con mi amigo Xabi
With  Xabi , having a beer  .

One day , we rented a motorbike and we visited the beaches and the market . Some beaches were quiet , full of local people , full of tourists …

Tomando el sol en Sihanoukville
Sunbathing  , Sihanoukville .


At night , in Victory , there were 4-5 bars , almost empty . The owners used to be a foreigner and it was full of young local girls trying to get a foreigner . Too much prostitution …

Playa en Sihanoukville
Beach  ,  Sihanoukville .


I did a little bit of  jogging . In a place where you can find beer for half USD , 24 hours in a day . Its better if you get another entertainment , its better for your health …


Cervecitas que no falten en Camboya !!!
Having beers in  Cambodia !!!

From Sihanoukville , I went to Phom Phen , by bus . I went to the dentist , pick up my Burmese Visa . I had beers with Cambodian people in the hostel . Cambodia is very cheap . You can get food for 1 USD , rice or noodles with egg , vegetables , meat and you can get free ice tea , as much as you want to . Transportation , beer , food , acommodation is really cheap in Cambodia .

Phom Phen
Phom Phen .



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