Cambodia : Phom Phen



Phom Phen 



Independence Monument  .



Cambodia is one of my favorites countries in the world , probably my favorite in South East Asia . Its very authentic and people are very nice . Cambodia is small . You dont need too much time for traveling . The best is Angkor Temples , its amazing ! For me after Machu Pichu , the best thing I have ever seen .



Templos de Angkor .
Angkor Temples  .


The capital of Cambodia , Phom Phen . Aproximately 2 000 000 people . There are no buses in the city , thousands of tuk tuk and motorbikes . The thing that I love in Cambodia , its not traffic and pollution . Its the way how they drive , you can across the road , they just need to look directly at your eyes to not hit you . Otherwise , you are gonna wait more than ten minutes to cross the street .




Traffic jam , Phom Phen .



My host , Sorya , was from Belgium , but her father was Cambodian and her mom Chinese . We  spent a lot of time together . I spent 5 days at her place . I was sleeping on the floor , which  its more than enough hahahaha …




Cama en Phom Phen
Bed  ,  Phom Phen .


First thing I did , I went to the dentist , which was the reason for  my visit . I met my friend Xabi , its third time I meet him traveling . Every time its the same thing , we catch up each other with beers . The funny thing , that after the beers , we went to the dentist . I was lucky , at the same moment , they attended  me . It cost me around 100 euros , rooth canal treatment and a new crown , I dont know how much it would be in Spain …



Mercado local en Phom Phen
Central Market .


The anesthesia , with the beers , was already done hahahaha . Between that morning and next day , the dentist finished with me . I needed to wait a few  days for the new crown .




Sorya ,en el mercado .
Sorya   .


Meanwhile in Phom Phen , I did Burmese Visa . The city is small , so , you dont need too much time for tourism . The most interesting thing , it  was visiting the Killing Fields . Its hard to see , where many people were killed and buried by the Khmer Rouge , after the Civil War , in Cambodia . They killed them with knives and hammers , some of them were buried alive . They showed you a movie , around 20 minutes . There is a museum , where you can see the skulls , name of the victims . They separated them , women , men and children .




Craneo con machetazo
Knife stuck in the skull , Killing Fields .


I visited Killing Fields , with Sorya . It was a funny thing ! Killing Fields are outside the city , around 15 kilometers . There is no bus going there . So , you can only go by motorbike or tuk tuk . So , prices are very high .



Visita al dentista .
Visit to the dentist  .


As Sorya had a bicycle , she is from Belgium . We went both in her bicycle . She is not heavy . So , I was riding and she was sitting behind . It was fast to get there . Cambodian people were laughing … Most of the people went by motorbike or tuk tuk .



Killing fields
Killing fields .


A Cambodian guy congratulated us for the original idea . I asked him , if he know a way to go inside for free . He told me , if I go inside and I dont get the translator , its half of the price . This is Cambodia !! Nobody is gonna say that inside Killing Fields ! So , I just paid half and Sorya went for free , because she has khemer ancestors . First thing  , its try to get for free , if not a little discount . Its almost never working , but the day its working and you get for free , you will have a smile the rest of the day .



Monumento de la Independencia en Phom Phen
Independent Monument  ,  Phom Phen .

In Phom Phen , I visited around the river , Independence Monument , Central Market . Eating street food , beers . Food is cheaper than Thailand ,  but its not so tasty . Cambodian food is  hot .

Killing Fields , Camboya .
Killing Fields , Cambodia .

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