Thailand : Bangkok






Haciendome entender  con el camionero a traves de los signos!! En este camion llegue a la capital de Tailandia
Getting  Bangkok .


Its a very  big city ! Bangkok never stops ! Aproximately , 10 000 000 people . Too much traffic , warm , tasty food , sweet fruits , soups , noodles , tuk tuk , tourists …


Tuk tuk .
Tuk tuk .
Chinatown .


I spent 5 days in the capital of Thailand . At that time , it started , the big famous demonstrations against the governmnet . I stayed , with Kay , my host . We didnt spend too much time together . Around her place was full of cheap restaurants and street food . No doubt , my favorite in Thailand is food !



Uno de los atascos de Bangkok
Bangkok  .


It was my second visit to Bangkok . I didnt visit the most touristic places . I did first time . I visited Chinatown . Its very big . For me the biggest that I have ever visited  . I was  walking around River Phraya and Khao San Road , which is full of backpackers and never stops . You can see 24 hours day , someone drinking a beer .


Khao San Road .
Khao San Road .

At that time , it took place a Flower Festival in Thailand , one of the most important in the country  . Thailand are budhist , they threw  flowers inside  and with the lights . It was very colorful .

Templo  en Bangkok
Temple ,  Bangkok .



Palacio Real  , Bangkok .
King Palace , Bangkok .


I went for dinner with Kay and her friends a couple of nights . I tried a lot of food that I have never tasted before . Amazing soups ! Also padthai , noodles with chicken , shrimps , vegetables . I love Thailand food !




Gastronomia tailandesa .
Thailand Gastronomy  .


I visited Chatuchak Market . Its very famous and touristic in the weekends . It was close to my place , just an hour walking . There is food , clothes , souvenirs …


Rio Chao Phraya
River  Chao Phraya .



I spent a morning with the people in demonstration . They invited me for lunch . They tried to talk to me , but we couldnt  comunicate , just  by body language . Also they offered me tea and water , food was very hot .

Palacio Real , Bangkok .
King Palace , Bangkok .

You can stay in Bangkok weeks . There are many plans to do . I specially enjoyed food . At night , I didnt go out for party  . I did for dinner and walk around  . From Bangkok , I left hitchhiking to Cambodia , where my friend Xabi , was waiting for me . I met Xabi in Fiji , a few years ago . I traveled with him in Sri Lanka and Nepal . He has been traveling 7 years in a row and still in the road  .

Buda Reclinado , Wat Pho .
Reclining Buddha , Wat Pho .

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