Hong Kong


Hong Kong

Vista desde Peak en HK
Views ,  The Peak  .


Its a big Island . Many plans to do in this place , where money  is the most important . Sometimes , it reminds me New York , many malls , Mcdonalds … Aproximately 7 000 000 people . Hong Kong is almost independent from  China .


Tipico autobus .
Typical Bus ,HK .


Coming from South East Asia everything is expensive about prices . Hong Kong is also more expensive than Macao , specially transportation and acommodation . They didnt stamp my passport . They gave me a document , with my entrance and my departure expire date . I got 3 months for free .

Jardin Botanico .
Botanic Garden  .
I spent  10 days in Hong Kong . At the beginning with Mandy , a local girl . She was living with her mom . A little bit far from downtown . Small house as always in Hong Kong , but really nice people Mandy and her mom .


Tipicos pisos en HK
Typical apartment ,   HK .


Mandy was vegetarian , her mom cooked really good . I ate really good those days . My routine , in the morning , was going to the Main Island . I went by metro , which is very expensive , for a very  short distance .




Taxi en HK
Taxi ,  HK .


Financial District was very capitalist . Everything  was very modern . My favorite part was The Peak . To get at the top of the mountain , you need to walk around an hour . Its hard , uphill . But when you get , views are amazing !



Atardecer , en HK .
Sunset  ,  HK .


I wasnt lucky with the weather at that time , rainy and cold . I liked the Botanic Garden , really nice place . Also I got WIFI inside a park . So , I usually spent time for resting everyday  .



Con Mandy y sus amigas en HK
With  Mandy and her friend  ,  HK .


At night , I spent time with Mandy walking around . One day , we joined her friends and we played cards and board games . It was my first time I did . Different plan for the weekend but it was fun .




Vistas desde la montanya en HK
Views from the mountain  ,  HK .


My favorite day was Sunday . We hiked a mountain . Views were amazing ! The weather was really nice . At the end of the day we watched the sunset . It was great  day  !


Atardecer en HK
Sunset at the mountain  .



Espectaculares vistas en HK
Amazing !


I moved to Bonie and Alex´s place to spend my last days in Hong Kong  . She was Canadian and he was British . They were really fun ! Also were hosting an american couple . So you never get bored !


La falta de espacio en Hk . Se tiende la ropa en cualquier lugar
No space at home to hang out the clothes ,  Hk ..


I was sleeping in a small couch and the American couple in the floor . We usually met at home at night . We were having dinner or beers and chatting .



Mercado Callejero , en HK .
Street Market  ,  HK .


They were working as teachers . So , they were very busy . Alex was crazy , really nice guy , always telling jokes . Sometimes , I had trouble  understanding  his accent hahhaha …



HK de noche
HK  .


I visited Kwoloon Island . I really liked it . Many street markets , prices cheaper than in the Main Island . The place where I was living people cant speak English . They usually speak Chinese language .



Parque en HK
Walking around HK .


I started to visit the library . It was perfect to read and check internet . Also the american couple spent time in the library  . I spent time with them playing chess , checkers , drinking beer … Relaxing time !!



Vista desde el puerto en HK
Views from the  port ,  HK .


Last day I got sickness , vomiting and a little bit under the weather . Actually , when I left Hong Kong , I didnt feel really good yet .




Vistas de la Bahia , HK .
Views from the  Bahia , HK .


My next destination was Philiphines . I was lucky , two hours flight . The plane was almost empty . So I was sleeping during the whole  flight .



Barrio de Mongkok
Mongkok ,  HK .



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