Hitchhiking to Bangkok



Hitchhiking to    Bangkok



En el ferry .
In the  ferry .


From Batu Ferringhi , I went direct to Bangkok , hitchhiking  1200km . I went with Andrea again . We met in Georgetown , first thing in the morning . From Georgetown we got a free ferry to Butterworth . Once we got Butterworth , we started asking for a ride to reach the main road . When we got the toll road , it was easy to get Thailand . Little by little , one car to another car …



Downtown , Penang .
Downtown , Georgetown  .


Once in the border check point , we filled out documents and Thailand . In Thailand , its easier to ask for a ride but the roads are worse than in Malaysia . Thailand people cant understand what are you doing in the road , but they drive you . When it was getting dark , after a three hours riding a truck , with a family . We stopped in a petrol station . It was supposed that  we were going  to have dinner and find any place for sleeping  … But suddenly ,  winner ride !!  We asked for a ride to a truck driver , until Chumphon , 200 kilometers . But finally , the driver was going to Bangkok and he didnt mind to drive us . So , we finally got Bangkok in 24 hours , faster than public transportation . One thing , we were starving , we couldnt have dinner . The driver stopped for sleeping in the middle of nowhere . So at breakfast time , everything was tasting delicious !




El camion que nos llevo a Bangkok
The truck , which drove us to  Bangkok .


In Thailand , when you ask for a ride , people try to drive you to a bus station . Thailand people dont usually speak English , you need to comunicate with a map and sign language . It was great experience ! People in Asia , specially Thailand , are very friendly .



Autostop en Tailandia
Hitchhiking to   Thailand .




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