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Malaysia : Penang and Batu Ferringhi





Comida callejera , en Penang .

Street food  ,  Penang .


Its my second time in Penang  . But it was on the way to Thailand . So Im not gonna waste the opportunity to visit . Its the second largest city in Malaysia, its located in an island  . Aproximately , 1 500 000 people . I got Penang ,  with Andrea , hitchhiking from Ipoh . Glenn drove us untill the toll road . Once we asked for a ride , we got direct to Penang . It took less than two hours , faster than the bus .  There is a long bridge , 5 kilometers , before getting into the island to reach Georgetown . We stopped before the bridge and we got a ride until the city . The girl , who drove us , she did until our respective hosts . She was very nice .


Penang .


I spent two days in Georgetown . My host , Jacqueline , was friendly . But we couldnt spend time together , just the first day . I was living in   a condo , with 24 hours open swimming pool . Actually , you werent allowed  to swim at night , but nobody was there to avoid it . So after spending a touristic day in the city ,  I was swimming at night . Penang is really nice , colonial city . There is a fortress and a port . Its very touristic . Its good place for eating , too much variety in the street food and cheap prices .


Piscina para combatir el calor

Swimming pool at  home  ,  Penang .


Batu Ferringhi



Atardecer , Batu Ferringhi .

Sunset  , Batu Ferringhi .



From Georgetown , I went by bus to Batu Ferringhi , just 20 kilometers . I spent a  couple of days in the beach . My host Michel , was very hospitable and nice . But at that time , we couldnt comunicate properly , he got water inside his ear and he couldnt hear good . So , I was listening to him the most of the time . He was living in a condo , with his Malayan boyfriend . We were meeting at dinner time . The rest of the day , I was spending in the beach and walking around .  The beach wasnt very busy . Some local and Arabian people . My favorite thing in Batu Ferringhi , was watching   the sunset everyday . It was great !




Batu Ferringhi

Batu Ferringhi .


I was tired of Malaysia at that time , this city was my last destination . I went to Thailand . In my opinion , Malaysia is little bit bored for traveling longer  . A few weeks is enough . Maybe for retirement is perfect , if I compare with his neighboor countries . Everything works good , great  food . Its  quite and  nice weather … But I needed to follow on my way …



Playa , en Batu Ferringhi .

Beach  ,  Batu Ferringhi .