Ukraine : Odessa




Playa , en Odessa .
Beach  ,  Odessa .
Odessa , was last place that I visited in Ukraine . It took me long , to buy the bus ticket . I wrote down in cyrillic everything . But the woman couldnt see the date properly . So , she started shauting at me and I moved to another window . Finally , I went back to the same window , until she showed me the right date .

Desfile militar , en Odessa .
Military Parade  ,  Odessa .
Everytime I was with the backpack in the bus  . The bus driver , tried to charge me some extra money  . I always said , no problem , I will take on me . But they finally accepted to put in the trunk for free . In the bus , they dont let you lie down . If you do , they are gonna come and they are gonna say to you that you need to sit down properly .

Playas de Odessa
Odessa .
Odessa its a big city . Aproximately , 1 000 000 people . There is a port , in the seashore of Black  Sea , very famous historycal ,  this place over the world , specially in the past . I walked until Yuri´s place , my host in Odessa . It was really difficult to figure out his exactly address . But luckily , someone explained to me how it was working the system , to find the exactly building .

Puerto , en Odesa .
Port  ,  Odessa .
Yury was 48 years old , he s been already retired for 10 years . He was teaching tennis to young people . His wife was so nice with me . She took care of me in the way I dont really deserve . Just waking up , she served a huge and delicious breakfast . Bread , salad , cheese , yoghurt . They only thing that I could say was thanks and very tasty , in Russian language .

Arepas ucranianas
Ukrainian breakfast  .
At night , we always had soup . I ate it  at Ukrainian style . First a spoon of  soup , after that , bread and garlic , row one . They were laughing , they didnt expect that I can eat garlic . But I love garlic , we are got used to a lot ,  in Spanish food  .

Sopa ucraniana .
Ukrainian soup  .



Con Marsha , cenando .
With Marsha , having dinner  .
Comida ucraniana .
Ukrainian food  .
I spent 4 days in Odessa . I loved Odessa ! The beaches are amazing , clear  water and white sand , it looked like a Caribbean beach , from outside !! Inside the water , you realized , it was Ukraine . It was cold water . I dont know , which one was my favorite ,  beaches  ? or girls sunbathing ? Beaches were full of people at that time , specially young people . The weather was nice , around 25 degrees .

Fuegos artificiales , en Odesa .
Fireworks  ,  Odessa .
Downtown was nice . At that time , was the aniversary Odessa´s  Independence . There were Military Parade in the morning and live music at night . I met Oscar , Spanish guy , to hang out for a beer . He knew how to speak Russian .

Cerveza ucraniana .
Ukrainian beer  .
I went back home very late . It was a problem , I dint have a key and I didnt want to disturb them . So , I was waiting , little bit , in Train Station . I got surprised , there were many people sleeping inside .

Caminando por Odesa .
Walking around  Odessa .
Yury was a nice guy , he speaks English good . He told me many stories about Odessa and his life . He also loves traveling . I cooked my Spanish omelette . They thought that ,  I cooked the omelette for me and they didnt eat  . They tried little bit  . Actually I made for them , but sometimes , comunication is a problem …

Bandera .
Odessian flag  .

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