Ukraine : Kiev



Catedral de Saint . Michaels , en Kiev .
St  Michael´s  Monastery  ,  Kiev .
The capital of Ukraine . Aproximately , 3 000 000 people . I got by bus from Lviv . It was a night bus . So at 4 am , I got the Terminal . Kiev is very big , beautiful and interesting . I went by bus until Nora´s place , my host . She lives 10 kilometers  far  downtown .



Vistas de Kiev .
Views ,  Kiev .


An interesting  thing! At least in Kiev and Odessa . In the bus, when paying, people are giving money from the back to the front, hand by hand, until the payment reaches the driver . When the driver gives back the change , same operation . In fact , once, to make sure , if its reliable . I didnt pay and nobody realized . It was cheap but I wanted to make sure how reliable was .



Temperatura en Kiev
Temperature ,  Kiev .


In Kiev , most of the people speak Russian . So the most of the words that I learnt in Ukrainian language , I couldnt use , only the numbers .



En el metro de Kiev .
Metro ,  Kiev .


Kiev , is one of my favorite cities , that  I ve ever visited . Its really big , I like the river , which crosses the city . Great parks . Historical and modernt part in the city . wide avenues , street food , pretty girls …


Paseando por Kiev .
Walking around  Kiev .



De turismo , en Kiev .
Kiev .


I spent 3 days in Kiev . It was very short time . I think , at least , you need a week . If Ukranian girls were pretty in Lviv , in Kiev much more prettier . The metro was very modern . You need to go down three floors . Luckily , there is cyrillic and latin language to read the signs . Its easy to go by metro .




Arquitectura , en Kiev .
Architecture  ,  Kiev .



Vistas de Kiev .
Views ,  Kiev .



Estadio Olimpico , en Kiev
Olimpic Stadium  ,  Kiev


Transportation  is very cheap . With one euro , I got twice metro and twice bus . Prices were  little bit more expensive than Lviv . There are some museums for free . You can always be on the ball and try to go inside for free , when they arent watching at you .


Museo de la Guerra , en Kiev .
War Museum ,  Kiev .
I only met my host at night . We were drinking vodka together . We couldnt understand each other very good . But it was fun ! It was very to get home , all the buildings were similar . It happened to me in Ukraine .  I got lost everytime !



Gastronomia ucraniana .
Ukrainian gastronomy .
From Kiev , I went to my last destination in Ukraine , Odessa . Ukraine , its one of the most interesting countries that I ve ever visited . Its very authentic . You always feel that you are very far from your home . There are similar things , as having beer . They usually have beer with sunflower seeds . In Spain they serve as tapafor free  . But ut in Ukraine , you need to buy yourself . But its very cheap !



Plaza de la Independencoia , en Kiev .
Independent Square  ,  Kiev .



Tomando una cerveza , en Kiev .
Having a beer  ,  Kiev .

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