Bulgaria : Varna





Playa de Varna ,  en Bulgaria
Beach  , Varna  .




Third largest city in Bulgaria .  Aproximately ,  350 000 people  , in the Black Sea Coast . Beaches are nice , full of people in summer . The  weather is warm  and  water is hot  . I was coming from Bucarest , I did by night train .




Panaderia , en Varna .
Bakery  ,  Varna .


I spent 3 days in Varna . My routine , during the day was the beach , until sunset . In the middle having beers and food . One of the positive things of Bulgary food and beer are very cheap .  This is  very important when you are traveling .



Kebabs , en Varna .
Kebabs ,  Varna .


At night , I usually hung out for a beer , with people from the hostel . An interesting thing ! Beaches were full of people  during the day , but at night , bars were empty . Most of the tourists were from Bulgaria and Russia . You can see many old man with a young girl . By the way , Bulgarian girls are very pretty .



Paseando con mis amigos franceses , en Varna .
Walking around  Varna .


People dont usually speak English . Cyrillic is used in Bulgaria . So , its difficult to read . Based in my own experience , Bulgarian people werent very friendly . Specially If I compare with Romanian people . Its true , that in Romania , some people can speak English . This thing helps a lot .



La ciudad de Varna .
Varna .


Varna outside the beach , in the city was very quite . The weather was really good . It was very warm , so you feel lazy and sunbathing, with this weather  . The place  was full of Russian and Bulgarian people in summer . Most of the people in Bulgaria can speak Russian .



En el Centro de Varna .
Downtown ,  Varna .




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