Ukraine : Lviv




Opera , en Lviv .
Opera ,  Lviv .

From Nozgorov , I took a night bus to Lviv . I was walking around Nozgorov , changing money , having food and beer . I really liked that town . Many street markets . It was very different from Austria and Bratislava , where I was coming  . Speaking English in Ukraine its hard . People dont usually speak . Its also very hard to read cyrillic .

Rica y barata cerveza , en Ucrania
Nice beer  ,  Ukraine .

When I saw the bus , I laughed . It was very old and small . I spent 9 hours in the bus . It was full , some people cant get a seat . Ukrainian people are usually very tall and big .  The luggage was on me , there was no place in the trunk . I was lucky , I got a seat . But , I couldnt figure out , when the bus is getting to Lviv .

Bus , camino de Lviv .
Bus , on the way to  Lviv .


I couldnt sleep anything . I was trying to look , how far was Lviv . I asked people , but they couldnt understand me . I didnt want to move from my seat , there were many people standing .

Paseando por Lviv .
Walking around  Lviv .

We got Lviv , 5 am . I was lucky , I got WIFI in the Terminal . I checked the map and I walked more than an hour to get Oksana´s place . Lviv is big city . Aproximately , 800 000 people .

Con  Oksana y Katrusha .
With Oksana and  Katrusha .



Oksana was living in downtown . She was divorced and she has 3 kids . At home , only her daugther ,  Katrusha  9 years old . I spent 4 days in Lviv . The city is very beautiful , as all the cities in Ukraine . I liked downtown . There is a Square , where is the  Opera , which is full of people . At that time , they were celebrating  , Ukrainian independent from Russia , the aniversary  . In Lviv , people usually speak Ukrainian . In Kiev and Odessa , the most of the people were speaking Russian language .

Jugando con Katrusha .
Playing with  Katrusha .


Lviv was very good decorated . Many flowers with the Ukranian flag colors … Girls are very pretty and they dress really good . I think one of the most prettiest girls in the world , in my point of view. There some street markets  , where you can find really good prices . Food is very cheap , bread , tomato , egg , potato . However clothes are very expensive , for Ukrainian people .

Cerveza mas barata que el agua , en Lviv
Beer cheaper than water  !! I love Ukraine !



There are nice parks in Lviv , always people walking around . I went in summer . Some people they say that  Lviv , its  East Paris . I dont think is like Paris . I mean , for me Paris is more beautiful . But I prefer Ukraine for visiting , much more authentic . At home , I never got bored . Katrusha was always ready for playing , she never got tired .

Con Oksana y Katrusha .
Oksana and  Katrusha .



Origami .
Origami .

I was  going  to the park with Katusha  . She likes skating and I was going with her . It was an adventure , we cant understand each other , I mean talking . We did perfectly with sign language .

Toamndo el te  , en Lviv .
Having tea  ,  Lviv .

I really liked buying in the market . They have no idea about English . So I could practice  my Russian . I learnt numbers in Russian language , Katrusha taught me . When I left Lviv ,  Katrusha broke my heart . She gave me a gift ! I couldnt stay longer and I left by bus to Kiev .

Rico plato , en Lviv .
Yummie !

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