Slovakia : Kosice



Plaza centrica , en Kosice .
Downtown  ,  Kosice .

I got by train from Bratislava . Kosice is a small city . Aproximately , 250 000 people . Yuraj was waiting for me , he was moving and his house was little bit  messy . He was living in downtown .

Simbolo comunista , la hoz y el martillo .
Communism symbol  .

Yuraj guided me in Kosice . He was very friendly , talking about history and curious things in Kosice . Kosice is older  thanBratislava . Everything is different . Bratislava looks more modern city . Downtown is very quite and really nice to walk around .

Idolo local , Peter Sagan ,
Peter Sagan ,

When you leave downtown in Kosice . There were many people sleeping in the street . Beggars asking for money , it was a strange thing . In  Bratislava and Austria , I didnt see anyone asking for money . There are street markets , which prices are very economic .

Paseando por las afueras de la ciudad  , en Kosice .
Walking around  Kosice .

I left Kosice by bus . It was an adventure to buy a bus ticket to  Nozgorov . Nobody can speak English . Signs were in slovakian language , which so hard  to read . The road to Ukraine , between the mountains , was very bad .   Landscape was great . Ukraine ask for passport , you dont need visa , you get 3 months for free  . But there is a border check point , so we were stuck an hour .

Edificios de la epoca Comunista , en Kosice .
Communism buildings  ,  Kosice .

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