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France : Mont Saint-Michel and Normandy landing beaches



Mont  Saint-Michel



Monte Saint-Michel .

Mont Saint-Michel .


Its an historical monument . Its located in an island . In my opinion , the best , is the view from the road . Once , you are inside , its nice . Monastery , typical decoration , but the views , they werent not very spectacular . However , from the road , the photo is amazing !



Monte Saint-Michel .

Mont Saint-Michel .



Normandy Landing Beaches



Restos de las bombas .

Rest of the   bombs .



Playa del Desembarco de Normandia .

Normandy landing beaches  .


The landing was at the end of The Second World War , when the Alliend invaded  the German occupied . We were visiting Omaha Beach and a few others beaches  . We were going by car , so it was easy to go around  . It was very touristic , but very interesting . We were visiting the first town , which got the liberty from the German  occupied . There are flags from all the countries , which took part in the Allied army . We also visited a cemetery .




Cementerio , de Conmemoracion de Victimas de la II Guerra Mundial .

Cemetery   .





Caen .

Caen .


Its a small city , where we spent a night on the way to Paris . The visited was so interesting . There is a castle . At night , with the lights is very beautiful . We were visiting around the City Hall . There were a few people , very quiet . We were having a beer , before sleeping .



Ayuntamiento , en Caen .

City Hall  ,  Caen .



En el Monte Saint - Michel .

Mont Saint – Michel .




Vista desde el Monte Saint- Michel .

View  from  Monte Saint- Michel .