Austria : Vienna







Palacio de Schomrung .
Schonbrunn Palace  .


The capital of Austria . Aproximately , 1 500 000 people . Its a huge city . It was 3 hours by car from Salzburg . So , I made a sign , Wien , in German . Asking for a ride , a  man drove , direct to Vienna  .




A dedo a  Viena .
Hitchhiking to  Vienna .


The man was going to the capital to make the Indian visa . He was very religious and he was talking to me about New Testament .



Con Azat y Akbota
Azat and  Akbota .


In Vienna , my host was Azat . He was from Kazakhstan , very young and he was studying in Vienna . Azat is very friendly and polite . He liked spending time at home . Azat was also hosting a Russian girl , Akbota . Three of us , we spent great time together .



Paseando por Viena .
Walking around  Vienna .



Jugando al ajedrez , en Viena .
Playing chess  ,  Vienna .


I spent 3 days in Vienna . In the touristic thing , the best was Schonbrunn Palace … Amazing !! It reminds me to Palace of Versailles , in Paris . I was around the Gardens . I didnt go inside , you need to pay and I was quite satisfied with my walk around the Gardens . It was full of people .



En el metro de Viena
Metro .



Vienna is very beautiful . full of parks , all of them really nice . There was too much tourists at that time . But the city is worth a visit .  At night , I didnt hang out . We always stayed at home watching a movie or just talking and having tea . Azat and Akbota were very polite . They didnt start having tea untill I did . They told me in their countries is like that the respect .



Tranvia , en Viena .
Tramway  ,  Viena .



Viena .
Viena .


I cooked a Spanish omelette . They loved so much . They asked me for the recipe . Azat speaks some languages German , Kazakhs , Russian  , English . Vienna is so interesting and one of the most beautiful cities in Europe . In my opinion , Austria is the perfect country for living , but for me winter is very hard in Austria . But their stand of living is amazing !



Schomrung .
Schonbrunn Palace  .



Jardines del Palacio de Schomrung .
Schonbrunn Palace .





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