Austria : Salzburg






Vista , en Salzburgo .
Views  ,  Salzburg .


Chris and Alva drove me  to Salzburg  . Once we got home ,  dinner , movie and we went to bed  . We were very  tired , it was a long weekend .



Paseando por Salzburgo .
Walking around  Salzburg .



Salzburgo .
Salzburg .


Salzburg is very beautiful , but is very touristic . You can see , something related to  Mozart everywhere . Aproximately , 200 000 people . A river crosses the city . If you go up , you can get amazing views from the city . I saw people asking for money , they looked like from East Europe . Its curious , in Austria , there are beggars . Even in a so developed country exists poor people . I didnt see anyone asking for money in Grazz .



Musica en la calle .
Street musician  .


I spent 4 days in Salzburg . I was living 5 kilometres far from downtown . The place was amazing , nice parks , everything green area. I was  walking to downtown  almost an hour and return .



De lijo en Salzburgo
Luxury  Salzburg .




Con Uwe .
With Uwe .


Uwe was my host . He s been traveling around 100 countries . It was better than 5 Stars Hotel . Great dinners ! When he went back for work . We started to prepare a huge dinner . At that time , Uwe was hosting two French guys also . A curious thing ! In the toilet , just turn on the light and the radio play music . The toilet cover was automatic . First time for me that I saw these things .  A machine , which add gas to the water … Amazing !! Definitely Austria is first world !!



Cena en Salzburgo
Dinner ,  Salzburg .


Having dinner with cheese , salad , beers , fish , ice cream . As a restaurant . We were having dinner with lights in his garden , He had also sand from the beach in the garden . Luxury 100 % .



Tomando cervezas , en Salzburgo .
Having beers  ,  Salzburg .


We hang out to have beers . It was free beers . Uwe had vouchers with free beers . Also for free transportation . Uwe said that he has many friends and contacts . Uwe was having fun with us . He didnt matter about waking up early . We were goint to bed very late .



Manjares en Austria
Austrian gastronomy  .



Tomando el sol , en Salzburgo .
Sunbath  ,  Salzburgo .


In the mornings , after breakfast . My routine was , going to downtown . Walking around the city . Many tourists at that time .You can always see someone playing music , imitating Mozart clothes .  My favorite place in Salzburg was a view point , where you can see the river and the rest of the city . Last day I spent in Salzburg , I went to a Lake near Uwe´s place . Wow ! Amazing place ! There were table , chairs to have lunch , parking for cars . Lifegard , toilets , the grass very clean … And the most important thing for free ! Nobody charges money for using that amazing place !



Salud !!
Cheers  !!



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