Germany : Berlin






Con mi hermano , en la Puerta Brandeburgo
With my brother ,  Brandeburg Gate .


Its a very big city . Aproximately , 3 500 000 people . Many plans to do , during the day and night . Berlin never sleeps . First thing I did , as always in Germany , have a cold beer . Paulaner or Erdinger usually , I love wheat beer .



La tienes disponible , 24 horas al dia .
Yummie beer !


I spent 5 days with my brother Victor . We focused in gastronomy and museums . There are many museums and also concentration camp about World War .



Junto a un trozo del Muro de Berlin .

Berlin Wall  .



We visited around Olimpic Park . There are many parks and The Olimpic Stadium .



Estadio Olimpico de Berlin

Olimpic Stadium  ,  Berlin .


We visited a concentration camp , outside Berlin . There werent good preserved . But its always knowledge for yourself  .



Horno crematorio , en un campo de concentracion .
Concentration camp  .



I love walking around Berlin . Cosmopolitan city . You can always find people . It doesnt matter which time . There is always a place for a beer or to eat something .



Con mi hermano , degustando kebabs .
Delicious Kebabs !


We visited Pergamon Museum and around Reichstag .


Reichstag , en Berlin
Reichstag ,  Berlin .



You can get a ticket for 3 museums . For me , the most interesting was Pergamon . All of them were very big and busy .



Museo Pergamon , en Berlin
Pergamon Museum ,  Berlin .


Transportation is expensive in Germany , but at least in the metro . You can go inside without ticket easily. Of course , you should be careful ! Prices are expensive in general . But in Berlin is cheaper than West Germany .



Metro , en Berlin
Metro ,  Berlin .



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