Romania : Bucharest



Palacio de Gobierno , en Bucarest .
Palace of  Government  , Bucharest .

I got Bucharest from Moldova , over night bus . In the border check point with Moldova , we were waiting for 2 hours . They checked all the luggage   The bus driver gave us two boxes of smoking cigarettes . I guess , its not allowed more than two boxes per person . Romania is little bit  more expensive than Moldova , specially alcohol and smoking cigarettes .

Panes , en Bucarest .
Breads  ,  Bucharest .

It was the second time that I was visiting Bucharest . I spent 2 days , because I got a flight ticket going back to  Madrid . Bucharest is very interesting . Its a big city . Aproximately , 2 000 000 people . They have modern parts and some of them very old . My favorite are the parks ,  as sightseeing . The best in Romania are people , they are very friendly , I guess , similar Spanish people .  My  host  , Radu and Ana ,  were very friendly . They also had a dog Sasha . We were sharing stories about traveling the most of them .

Polenta , en Bucarest
Polenta ,  Bucharest


I was lucky , Ana cooked really good . I  tried local dishes . Lifestyle is similar to Spanish . They alsohave dinner late . Sasha , their dog , wasvery playful .Sasha was always trying to play . He never stopped , always actived.


El pequeño Sasa .
Sasha .
Romania is more modern than Moldova . But there are many people asking for money in the streets . In some places , where you can get food . It reminds me of India , someone asking for food , untill someone give something to eat . So another person ,  start asking for food again … I visited downtown and parks . The weather was so nice . The most of the touristic things , I have  already  visited in my last trip . So , I was enjoying walking around the city .



Bucarest .
Bucharest .




Tomate con sorpresa
Tomatoe with  surprise  .


At night , in Bucharest is usually crowded . Bars and restaurants are full of people . Prices , in general , are cheap . Street food is delicious and also cheap . Kebabs , pizzas , bakery … Beer is also cheap .

Tomando cervezas  , en Bucarest .
Having beers  ,  Bucharest .



Centro Historico , en Bucarest .
Downtown  ,  Bucharest .



The most of my time , I spent walking around and eating street food during the day . At night , I was having dinner with Radu and Ana . After a couple of days inBucharest . My trip was done ! Radu was veryfriendly and he drove me to the airport to say goodbye .



Ricos kebabs , en Bucarest .
Kebabs ,  Bucharest .



El desayuno de los campeones .
Yummie breakfast  !




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