Moldova : Chisinau



Mercado Callejero , en Moldavia .
Street Market  ,  Moldova .

Its a small city . The capital of Moldova . Aproximately , 600 000 people . The most of the population in Moldova live in Chisinau . I spent 3 days . I was coming from Odessa . I did by bus . It took me 5 hours , border check point included .

Paseando por Chisinau .
Walking around  Chisinau .


Moldova reminds me of Romania . Same language , similar gastronomy , I cant tell the difference . As Uruguay and Argentina very similar  . People told me , that 50% of population would like to join Romania .

Bandera moldava
Moldavan flag  .

My  favorite part in Chisinau was a nice park , with a big lake . There were many people around , walking , doing sport , reading … Downtown is also nice . The whole city is full of street markets . You can see an old woman , just selling a bunch of bananas . Its very sad , some of them , spend the whole day working .

Parque con un Lago  , en Chisinau .
Nice Park  ,  Chisinau .




Paseando en un parque , en Chisinau .
Walking around Chisinau .

Street food was very cheap . There are many breads , which they put a sausage , meat , with onion , lettuce and sauce . Prices in Moldova are very cheap . Its cheaper than Ukraine and Romania .Their currency is very weak .

Mercado Callejero , en Chisinau .
Street Market  ,  Chisinau .

Girls in Moldova arent so pretty as Ukraine , in my point of view . Moldovan people are very friendly as Romanian , much more than Ukranian , thats true . When you buy something , they always smile to you and try to say something . If you say thanks to them in their language  , they usually smile or try to make a conversation .

Bus , en Chisinau .
Bus ,  Chisinau .




La Opera , en Chisinau .
Opera ,  Chisinau .




Estacion de Tren , en Chisinau .
Train Station ,  Chisinau .

My host , Ramin ,  was very young . He is journalist and he was living in downtown . We didnt spend too much time together . He was really busy during the day . But at night , we always had a chat , dinner , beer or tea . He was living with his young brother , but we cant comunicate each other . Ramin told me about Transnistria , he was born there . So he adviced me what to do and where to go . I spent really great time in Chisinau .

Comida callejera , en Chisinau .
Street food  ,  Chisinau .


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    • Its a friendly place . Unluckily I missed most of me pictures inthat trip . So I dont have . Its very similar to Romanian street food .
      Moldovan people usually eat sunflower seed . In the market there are breads , they open and they serve chicken , meat , hot dog sharing with lettuce , onion and sauce , Also bakery many different breads . Kebabs . In the street markets there are many vegetables and fruits very cheap . I just tried a couple of dishes but I cant remember exactly and no picture .But it was delicious !

  • i always wanted to see and read something about this place and BANG. I have it here. Great post. Keep up the great work. Have a good weekend. I am glad you stopped by on my blog and enjoyed the post. Cheers !!