Germany :Frankfurt



Simbolo del Euro , en Frankfurt
Euro ,  Frankfurt


Its a Financial Centre . Its big city . Aproximately , 2 000 000 people . I got by plane from Brazil . After 8  months traveling in South America .  The flight was 10 hours .


Turisteando , en Frankfurt
Walking around  Frankfurt

Just got Frankfurt . A secret policeman asked for my passport . He started asking questions  about what I ve been doing in Brazil . He took my passport and he came with me to pick my laggage .

Plaza del Ayuntamiento , en Frankfurt
City Hall,  Frankfurt

They checked all my laggage and myself . Many questions ! They wanted the exactly dates , if I dont have my passport , I cant remember the exactly dates . Where are you gonna sleep in Frankfurt ? which hotel ?

Vistas desde el Rio , en Frankfurt
Views  ,  Frankfurt

I told him , Im in Europe . He doesnt need to ask my for flight ticket and where Im gonna sleep . He saw a paper in my pocket , where I got Jesus address , my host in Frankfurt . I told him , you can call him . But they finally let me leave . My laggage was so smelly . Many dirty clothes !

Con Sicai , degustando un kebab
With  Sicai , eating  kebab .

I went by metro to the city . I paid in my first way , but I didnt pay on my way back to the airport  . In Germany , you can go inside the metro without ticket . Little bit risky ,  if the security gard as for your ticket .

Con Jesus y Sicai
With  Jesus and  Sicai .

Jesus was waiting for me , also Spanish , who was working in Frankfurt . He was also hosting Sicai , from Taiwan . He speaks German , Spanish , English and Chinese . I spent short time in Franfurkt . I walked around downtown and I spent time with Jesus and Sicai .

Disfrutando de la cerveza alemana
Enjoying german beer .

First thing I did in Frankfurt . Obviously , looking for a shop , where I bought a german beer . I tried many beers in South America , but german beers are much better .

Sicai y Jesus
Sicai and Jesus

At night , I cooked Spanish omelette . We had a lot of beers . Jesus was very hospitable and fun . Next morning , I was visiting the city , taking the advantage of the sun . We were visiting a park and having luch . Its a Financial Centre , but at that time  was very busy with the good weather .   From Frankfurt , I flew to Madrid , ending my trip in South America .

Plaza de la Opera ,en Frankfurt
Opera , Frankfurt

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