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Australia : Sydney





La Opera de Sidney .

Sidney Opera House  .


Its a very big city . Over 4 000 000 people . One of my favorites cities . Maybe , my favorite  place for living . The weather is very nice . There are many plans to do . Sydney never stops . There is always something to do , 24 hours . Nightlife is really good . During the morning also , people staying in the parks ,  doing sport , doing barbeque , beaches are really nice very close to the city …



Puente , frente a la Opera .

Bridge  in front of   Sydney Opera House  .


You can stay weeks visiting Sydney . I spent a few days . I met Spanish people and I was doing tourist thing with them . One of the plans , we spent the morning in Chinatown . Its always perfect to have lunch there , you can find cheap and tasty food .



Con Monica , Merche y David , en Chinatown .

Monica , Merche and  David ,  Chinatown .


We visited the zoo in Sydney . It was really good , you can see many different animals . To get there , you need to go by ferry . Views from the ferry were amazing , we could see the skyline and the sunset from the ferry .



Skyline , en Sidney .

Skyline ,  Sidney .


Some of the animals were exotical for me like koala , komodo dragon and kangaroo .



Dragon de Komodo, en el zoo de Sidney .

Komodo dragon  .


Really lucky on the way back to the city . Really nice sunset and very nice weather .



Atardecer , en Sidney .

Sunset  ,  Sydney .


Sydney ´s nightlife is really good . So ,  in the morning , I didnt wake up very early . I enjoyed visiting the beaches . I visited Manly and Bondi Beach , the most famous in Sydney .



Bondi Beach , en Sidney .

Bondi Beach ,  Sydney .


Sydney Opera House is amazing . You never get tired to take pictures . During the day and night . I also went to the bridge to take pictures , great views from the bridge . You can climb the bridge , but it should be in a guide excursion . And of the problems in Australia are prices . Everything is very expensive , specially food and alcohol .



Opera House , en Sidney .

Sidney Opera House  .


Near Opera Sydney House there are some parks , which you can see bats . The ferrrys leave near there . At night you can also have a beer , walking around  and enjoying the views with the lights , its very beautiful  .



Tortugas en el zoo , en Sidney .

Turtles  in the  zoo ,  Sydney .


Sydney is cosmopolita . Australia in general , they have mix of people . Many asian , specially indian and chinese . Australian people are very friendly , very open minded , even old people .



Manly Beach , en Sidney .

Manly Beach ,  Sydney .


I spent a morning walking around the Olimpic Park , where they held the Olimpic Games 2000 . I went by train . It was empty , just some people cleaning the zone or doing sport  . It was good , you can go inside the stadiums . Maybe in the weekend is busier . It looked like a perfect place to do sport .



Puente frente al opera House , en Sidney .

Bridge in front of Sydney  Opera House  .