Australia : Perth




Con Gonzalo , Perth .
With Gonzalo , Perth .


The largest city in Western Australia . Aproximately , 2 000 000 people . I was coming from Philiphines and stopover in Singapore . So after more than one day I got to this continent . From the airport , I got a bus to the city . I was really lucky . It was free bus . The driver , an indian guy , had no change and I didnt have small money  . So he drove me  for free .



Visitando playas .

VBeaches , Perth .


Kathy and her boyfriend Rich were waiting for me , I met them traveling in Vietnam . Kathy is from Bolivia . So , we can comunicate much better . Her boyfriend , Rich , has a strong accent for me . Kathy offered me a job in a farm in Australia . First night I spent at her place . Having dinner , beers …



Haciendo turismo en Perth con Katy

With  Kathy walking around  , Perth  .


Next day , we went to Perth for tourism  . Downtwn is very small . So its not required longer . At night we went for dinner with their family . A curious thing ! Chinese people allowed to bring your own drinks to the restaurant . I had some problems to understand their family . After that they drove me to a farm , where I spent a month working . The farm was 40 km far from Perth . I was picking tomatoes and planting strawberry .


Atardecer , Kalamunda .

Sunset  , Kalamunda .


After a month of really hard job ! I said goodbye to the farm . I went with Gonzalo , a Spanish friend who was working with me in the farm ,  to Perth . We hitchhiked to reach Perth . A woman , called Lenne , drove us to the city . She told us , that she could drive us to the beach in the next days . We accepted her proposal .


Amable Sra y su hija .

Leanne and her daughter  .


This is Australia . People are very friendly . A great memorie ! Going out from the supermarket . An old woman , gave us 10 AUD . She asked are you backpacker ? I said yes . She gave me money to buy food . We said that we dont need but she wanted to help us . We realized that the woman was behind us in the line . She saw , our budget market , rice , cereals … hahahha . Really nice the woman .


Playa en Perth

Beach ,  Perth .


We visited downtown in Perth . The best thing we saw , it was a big park . Taking pictures , walking around .  It was Easter holidays , so it was empty the city .  In the evening , we went to Kalamunda by bus , where we had a host , Adrian . The bus was so expensive ,  5 AUD . The only transport I paid in a month in Australia . I was so lucky in this country .



Paseando por Perth .

Walking around  Perth .


Kalamunda was in the mountain , it was little bit cold at night . Adrian´s home was very big . He was very friendly , responsible , talkative  and fun . He was always busy and  smiling . He was repairing cars at home . Also planting strawberrys and chili . Really interesting guy . We didnt spend too much time with him .



Vistas , Kalamunda .

Views , Kalamunda .


Adrian  lent us two bicycles and we went to a Natural Park , near home . It was really hard ! One of the bicycle was really bad . But the day was great . Around the Park , you can see great views and enjoying with the bicycle .



Con la bici por Perth

Cycling around  Kalamunda .


Leanne , as she promised  , drove us to the beach . The beach was amazing . The weather wasnt the best that day . It was little bit windy .



De Barbacoa en Perth

Barbeque ,  Perth .


We did a barbeque in the afternoon . After that , she drove us untill her home . A farm , in the middle of no way , with two goats . She was singer . She got 6 kids . One of them was with us . She was arund 4 years old , she was really friendly .



De barbacoa con la pequeña .

Barbeque  with the girl  .


We spent the evening at her home . At night  , Leanne  drove us back to Kalamunda . It was really nice eperience to meet her  .



Playas , en Perth .

Beach  ,  Perth .


Last day , we were resting . We spent the day in Kalamunda , in the library . Preparing our next destination : Lombok . Adrian drove us to the airport to say goodbye  …



MONEY ! Preparado para viajar .

MONEY ! Ready for traveling  .



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