Australia : Melbourne






Rio Yarra , en Melbourne .
Yarra River ,  Melbourne .


Its the second largest city in Australia . Over 4 000 000 people . The weather is crazy . You can find differents weather in the same day , raining , suddenly sun apperars , later getting cold . Its very crazy !



Estacion de tren , en Melbourne .
Train Station  ,  Melbourne .


It was first time that I visited Australia . Just got there . I realized , its very developed country . Stand of living is really good . I think , its really nice country for living . Melbourne is nice also for visiting , as a tourist .  There are many cool places .



Zona de los artistas , en Melbourne -
Melbourne .



Its easy to visit , as a tourist . You can find a tourist bus , for free . This is very important , things for free , Australia is so expensive . The bus is going to the main tourist places , as Road Laver Arena , where Open Australia is  . I visited the tennis court , it was closed , but I jumped a fence to go inside and I took pictures , untill the security gard invited me to go out .



Rod Laver Arena , en Melbourne .
Rod Laver Arena ,  Melbourne .


One of my favorite things in Australia are the parks . They have many of them , very clean . There are always people walking around , doing sport , even with barbeque . Any space is working to lie down in the grass and reading , resting …



Uno de los muchos parques , en Melbourne .
Walking around   Melbourne .


Melbourne has a Financial District , many  skyscrapers  , everything tidy and clean . Its not very busy , as traffic is normal . Many people go around with the bicycle . There are many cathedral and churches .



Iglesia , en Melbourne .
Church ,  Melbourne .


There is tramway , which you can use for free , but you should be careful . If you got a fine  , I guess , its gonna be expensive . The tramway opens the door and its supposed you need to put inside your card , but nobody is watching .  I was using at night time without ticket and I was lucky , nothing happened !



Tranvia , en Melbourne .
Tramway  ,  Melbourne .


During the day , my routine was visiting tourist places . I went around with the bus and walking . My favorite part were the parks . At night , I was hanging out . It was really nice , many bars with live music . Sometimes they dont charge money to go inside the bars , but alcohol inside , its so expensive .



Vista de un parque , en Melbourne .
Melbourne .


I visited Chinatown , it was big . That day wasnt very busy . Its always good to walk around . Its very interesting , you can find almost everything . Prices are usually cheaper .



Chinatown , en Melbourne .
Chinatown ,  Melbourne .




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