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Ireland : Dublin





En la Cerveceria  Guiness , en Dublin.

Guiness brewery  ,  Dublin .


The capital of Ireland . A small city . Aproximately 1 000 000 people . You can go walking everywhere in this city . Distances arent very big .



Tipico autobus , en Dublin .

Bus ,  Dublin .


Dublin is really nice . You can find always people in the street . Parks are crowded . Downtown is really nice and busy . My favorite place was Temple Bar , where you can find many bars .



Paseando por un parque , en Dublin .

Walking around  Dublin .


Walking around Dublin , you realize that they have many churches . No matter where , in the middle of a park or in the street .



Iglesia al fondo , en Dublin .

Church  ,  Dublin .


It was very short time in Dublin , so I didnt have too much time . I visited Guinness Brewery . Its not the best , but it was interesting to know how do they make the beer their ingredients . The best thing there you can enjoy two pints of beer . Brewery has really nice views on the top . You can see a really good view point  .



Paseando , en Dublin .

Walking around  Dublin .


Not only the great views on the top but also I took a glass from the Brewery . Great souvenir !! Its a really nice one !



Hidratandose , con una pinta de Guiness .

Pint of  Guiness .