Belgium : Ghent







Paseando , en Gante .
Walking around  Ghent .


Its a small city . Aproximately , 200 000 people ,  located in Flandes . During my visit , the weather wasnt the best . It was very windy , rainy and cold . The city is really nice . Its very quiet .



Vistas desde el rio , en Gante .
Views ,  Ghent  .


People speak some  languages . Almost all of them , they know how to speak french and flamish . They can also speak different dialects .



Junto al rio , en Gante .
Ghent  .


The city is crossed by a river and its really nice . I love architecture in Ghent . Typical buildings both sides to the river . You can see people walking , but the most of them , they go by bicycle . Despite of the weather , people  always use bicycle to move around . There are many bars and restaurants in the tourist part .   Its a perfect place to try beers or cheese . My favorite thing in Belgium was ,  drinking beers and eat cheese .



Centro , en Gante .
Downtown ,  Ghent  .













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