Netherlands : Amsterdam




Parque centrico  , en Amsterdam .
,  Amsterdam .


The capital of Netherlands . Aproximately 800 000 people . The city is small . I spent 5 days , with my friend Sergio .  Madrid – Amsterdam return . It was short trip . The weather was cold and rainy . Most of the people go around by bicycle .



Con Sergio , tomando una cerveza .
With  Sergio , having a beer  .


Many plans to do in Amsterdam . Its  touristic  city . Many young people . Its always busy , 24 hours . You can go by bicycle , around the parks and the city . You can enjoy their Coffeeshops . There are  shops , where you can find magic mushrooms .



Magic Mushrooms .
Magic Mushrooms .


We rode a bicycle , to explore the parks . There are many bicycle ways . People respect the bicycles , totally  different to Spain  . We went  around the canals . There are many bars , where you can stop to have a beer . Beers taste so good and they have variety .



En bici , en Amsterdam .
Ciclyng ,  Amsterdam .


There was time to visit museums . Van Gogh and Rijksmuseum . They are very big . Both of them are really nice . Prices are expensive in Amsterdam . Entrance for museums , bars , acommodation , transportation … Its very expensive Amsterdam !



Rijksmuseum .


We visited the Botanic Garden , after a long bicycle ride . We stopped in this nice place . In Amsterdam , its very typical flowers to find in Amsterdam . There is a market , where you can find a lot of them .



Jardin Botanico
Botanic Garden  .


At night , we visited Red Light District and Coffeeshops . Its very crowded . Amsterdam is very easy to go around , by bicycle , even walking , if not you can get the tramway .



Barrio Rojo
Red Light District   .


In the mornings , walking around the city . Taking pictures and stopping for a beer . A curious thing in Amsterdam ! They dont use curtains . They like to have as much light as they can . There are people living inside the boats in  the canals . Its great Amsterdam !



Paseando por los canales , en Amsterdam .
Walking around  Amsterdam .


We took a cruise by the canals . Its not big deal . But it was included in the Amsterdam card , which  is worthy , if you wanna visit different tourist places .



Paseando en barco .
Cruise by Amsterdam  .


At night Amsterdam is busy . During weekdays and much more at weekends . You can find people everytime .



Paseo nocturno , en Amsterdam .
Amsterdam .


My nutrition  was based in street food . The best I found quality-price was Febo . You can find 24 hours day . Also hamburguers , french frites  and hot dogs . Chinese places also you can get cheap food .



Febo .



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