Fiji Islands : Nadi

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Con Xabi , Mitra y Michael , en Fiji .
Xabi , Mitra and  Michael ,  Fiji .



Its the third largest city in the country . Aproximately , 40 000 people . I spent 5 days . Stopover from New Zealand before coming back home . I didnt visit paradise islands . I just relaxing in this small city .



Playa , en Nadi .
Beach  ,  Nadi .


During the morning , I visited local markets . The weather is tropical , so its little bit warm . My first day in Nadi , I met Michael , who was working in a souvenirs shop . He was trying to sell me some souvenirs and he finally invited me  to his home , with his wife Mitra . They were living close to the airport , 10 kilometers far from the city center .



Almohada fijiana .
Fijian pillow  .


My first day in Michael´s home was relaxing . Washing clothes  , with my own hands , eating , reading and drinking coconuts . There was nothing to do there , just resting . At night , when Michael came back home . A big surprise !! He brought another guest , a  Spanish guy . His name was Xabi , who was traveling over 2 years in a row  ,  in Asia and Oceania ,  at that time .



Mitra , planchando .
Mitra , do the ironing .


Once Xabi arrived . With  reason of his 40´s birthday . We went to the town to celebrate . Walking , eating ,  having beers  , buying food to cook at home …



Michael , mezclando el Kava .
Michael ,   Kava s ritual  .


In Fiji , I tried kava , is a plant in the Pacific , which extract the root and mix with water . They have like a ritual . They put in a bowl a few minutes . Later , they start drinking with the husk of the coconut . Many times that ritual , untill is over the kava  . They pronunce some words during the ritual , but no idea of the meaning . The effect that you can get with kava is similar to marihuana , you feel little bit tired , hungry and sleepy .



Tomando kava , en Nadi .
Having  kava ,  Fiji  .



When we were visiting the city , we met some  policeman , who were making a barbeque and they invited us to join . Also they were having kava .




Patatas fijianas .
Fijian potatoes  .


At night , we met again with the policeman , in the city . We were drinking beers in the city center . One of the guys , fell asleep in the gate of the bar .




Daños coalterales del kava .
kava effect  .




De fiesta  , en Nadi .
Partying  ,  Nadi .



Walking around Michael´s neighborhood , we met an indian family . Shila and her family were really nice with us .  They invited us for a tea , fruits and snacks . Finally Shila cooked an indian dish . She cooked fish with potatoes and full powder of curry .




Tomando el te , en Fiji .
Having  tea ,  Fiji .




Pescado y espinacas con salsa de coco .
Fish  and  spinachs with  coconut sauce  .



En casa de Shila , un rincon para el hinduismo .
Shila´s home  , hinduism .


Fijian people are really friendly . Most of them are bilingual , so they speak Fijian  and English . You dont stop making new friends  walking around the city and having kava .



Tomando kava con Xabi , en Nadi .
Having  kava with  Xabi .




Shila y su marido .
Shila and her husband  .


From this small fijian  town  I ended my trip in Asia and Oceania . I went  walking to the airport , which was very close . I said goodbye to Xabi , having our last beer in Fiji , before coming back home .



Con Shila y su familia , en Nadi .
Shila and her  family  .




Con Xabi , Shila y su familia .
Xabi , Shila and her  family  .




De barbacoa , en Nadi .
Barbeque,  Nadi .




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