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Siem Reap



Angkor Wat , en Siem Reap .
Angkor Wat ,  Siem Reap .


The city is around a lake . Siem Reap is very tourist city . Its no wonder , there are Angkor temples , one of the most amazing things in the world . At least for me , my second one favorite wonder  after Machu Pichu that I ´ve ever seen .



Vistas desde el templo , en Angkor Wat .
Views from   Angkor Wat .


I visited Angkor temples  just one day . I didnt have too much time . But I guess its worthy to spend 3 days . I got up 4 am and I got a bicycle to see the sunrise from Angkor Wat , the most famous temple . Some people go by bicycle and some of them by tuk-tuk . You can hire a guide , they will show you and explain about Angkor . I did by bicycle on my own  .



Templos , en Angkor .
Angkor  .


The weather in Siem Reap is very hot and high humedity . I was sweating a lot with the bicycle . Views in the temples are amazing . Landscape from the top is breathtaking , you can see jungle , orange colour and green , perfect combination  . I love ciclying , so I enjoyed a lot riding the whole day . Its hard , cambodian bicycles arent the best .



Vistas desde uno de los templos , en Angkor .
Views ,  Angkor .


When you finish your visit to Angkor . The city is very busy . You can find everything . Massages , places to sleep , restaurants .. . Prices are very cheap . Cambodia is very poor country . But people are amazing . They are very friendly . They always  have a smaile in their face .




En uno de los templos , en Angkor  .
Around Angkor  .


I was surprised inside Angkor . Many children , try to sell things , water , guides , food or whatever . Outside  , in the city , same same . People cant stop offering their services for next day or anytime . But they always do that smiling . Thats why Cambodia  is one of my favorites countries in the world  . I can say my favorite in south East Asia .



Angkor Temple .
Angkor Temple .



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