Latvia : Riga





Tomando cervezas , en Riga .
Cheers  ,  Riga .


The capital of Latvia . The largest city in the country . A third of the population in the country ,  live in Riga . Aproximately , 700 000 people . Architecture is very modern and beautiful . I like the city crossing by a river . Downtown is very small and nice to walk around .




Casa de las Cabezas negras , en Riga .
House of the Blackheads  ,  Riga .



About gastronomy . They usually use potatoes  in the most of their dishes . My favorite was a salty yoghurt , very similar to Ayran ( turkish salty yoghurt ) . As street food they have a lot of bakery during the day . At night beer is very common , with the nice weather . Riga was very crowded at night . Bars and restaurant were full of people . It was high season , so many tourist .



Monumento a la Independencia , en Riga .
Independent  Monument  ,  Riga .



Its very interesting country to visit . Its very new , they got independent from Russia at 90 ´s . Summer is the best season  , the weather is really good . My routine was tourist thing in the morning : House of the Blackheads , Freedom Monument and walking around downtown . At night , the plan was hanging out . Bars close  very late . At summer , when you are coming back home , the sun is already shining .



Paseando , en Riga .
Walking around  ,  Riga .




Por el centro turistico , en Riga .
Downtown  ,  Riga .




Bonito parque , en Riga .
Walking around the parks  ,  Riga .



Prices are generally not very  expensive . Despite of his currency latvian lat . When I was there , it was stronger than euro and English pound .  A big curiosity I didnt know !! But prices were cheaper than Estonia and more expensive than Lithuanian ,  if I compare with the Baltic countries .



Con la tuna , en Riga .
Hanging out  ,  Riga .



I met Spanish people and I spent a few days with them in Riga . Not too much tourist in the morning and too much nightlife .




Reponiendo energias , en Riga .
Yummie  .



Con Javi y Del Bosque , en Riga .
With  Javi and Vicente  Del Bosque ,  Riga .




Con Ruben , Laia , Julia y Enrique , calentando motores .
With Ruben , Javi  , Julia and  Enrique , preparing for the night  .



From Riga I visited Liepaja . A small city on the South of Latvia  . On the way to Lithuania . I was just walking around a few hours . The weather was really bad . So I finally decided to continue my trip . I didnt spend a night in Liepaja , I was run out of time .



Megacerveza , en Letonia .
Huge-beer  ,  Latvia .






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