Kosovo : Pristina







Mercado callejero , en Pristina .
Street Market ,  Pristina .


The capital of Kosovo . A small city , aproximately 200 000 people . Kosovo is one of the newest countries . They got independent of Serbia , or almost , still in process . Many similar things with Albania , much more than with Serbia . They speak  albanian . They dont know how to  speak serbian or they dont want to use it .




Parte moderna , en Pristina .
Modern part  ,  Pristina .


Pristina has contrast . A part of the city is new , it was on excavation works when I was visiting . New streets , wide , pedrastian and very quite . The old city is busy . Traffic is very bad and there are many street markets . Street markets full of colors and very  noisy . Many people walking around the markets .




Parte centrica , en Pristina .
Downtown  ,  Pristina .


People are very friendly and outgoing . They try to meet the foreigners and know about them . Also they love to explain about Kosovo as a new country . Language is a problem , not many people can speak English . A strange thing ! Many people know how to speak german in Kosovo .



Paseando por la parte moderna , en Pristina .
Walking around  modern part  ,  Pristina .


Kosovo is very interesting . Its very easy to talk to local people . Thay usually invite you to have  tea ,  just to know about you and your country . If you ask help , as for example an address . They are gonna go with you , until that place , if not they are gonna tell someone to go with you or tell you properly how to get there  .



Mezquita , en Pristina .
Mosque  ,  Pristina .


Most of the people are muslim . So , there are many mosques . They have also a few churches . For a european country , Kosovo , is a poor country . I mean about develop and stand of living . Everything is very old . Some buildings are still destroyed . War was just 20 years ago . So I hope little by little , they can get better !



A medio construir , en Pristina .
Excavation works  ,  Pristina .



















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