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Visiting Albania : Tirana

Visiting Albania

Plaza Skandenberg , en el centro de Tirana

Skandenberg Square  ,  Tirana .


Visiting Albania, I started for he capital of Albania. Aproximately 600 000 people. It was more modern city than I expected visiting Albania. People with his typical costumes. There are big  squares, many cars and shops. Visiting Albania I had the opportunitty to visit local markets. At that time local markets were busy.

Abundan los Mercedes , como taxi , en Tirana

Too many  Mercedes , like taxi , in Tirana .

About food visiting Albania I focused in street food as always. Many kebabs, Turkish style. It means with Fench frites inside the bread. They have a lot of pizza and pasta and places with  italian food influence. I enjoyed eating street food like kebabs and sweet fruits.

Delicioso Kebab , en Tirana

Delicious  Kebab ,  Tirana .


Visiting Albania you can find many mosques. Most of the people in Albania are muslim. But in Tirana you can see people walking around wearing dress and some people wearing cover dress.

Mezquita , en el centro de Tirana

Mosque , in downtown Tirana .

I just spent two days in Tirana. I was coming from Kosovo , Prizren. I think people look less outgoing than in Kosovo and in the Balkans in general. It´s true that most of the people can´t speak English in Albania. I was walking around street markets near city center and everything was very similar to Kosovo. An amazing thing!! Cars were driving inside the market. Pollution was very high in the capital. I found Albania good place for visiting. You can´t find many tourists there. From Tirana I went back to Kosovo and keep traveling around the Balkans.




Mercado , en Tirana

Street Market ,  Tirana .

At night , not many people walking around . Bars looked like very quiet , despite was Saturday night . I was walking around and trying local food . Prices were very cheap and really good quality .

Comida callejera , en Tirana

Street food  ,  Tirana .

I went back to Kosovo at night . In a minivan , on the way to Belgrade to continue my adventure.

Visiting Albania

On the way to  Prizren , by bus .



Ruben Arribas is a Spanish traveler who has traveled more than 70+ countries around the world. Now based in the Philippines!


Monday 12th of January 2015

My husband and I visited Albania many years ago on a day trip from the former Yugoslavia. In those days Albania was a desperately poor country, the only cars were military ones, the few shops had earth floors, and red guards followed us everywhere. We were taken to the local tourist attraction - a Chinese built copper wire factory. The food was awful and we weren't allied to photograph much around us.

Guess things have changed quite dramatically.


Monday 12th of January 2015

Luckily things are changing ! Anyway it was an interesting experience . Its always a positive size ! I like the food there , they have many mediterranean influences !!