Turkey : Instanbul


Comiendo pizza turca , en Estambul .
Eating turkish  pizza  ,  Instanbul .

The largest city in Turkey . 14 000 000 million people , the most of them are muslim . This city is in european territory and asian also . Without doubt , one of the most beautiful cities in the world . Also one of the most tourist cities in the world .

Por el Bosforo , en Estambul .
Bosphorus ,  Instanbul .

I spent a week , with my friend Sergio . The weather was so nice . Many plans to do in Instanbul , its a big  city , which offers almost everything . From the old city to the new city . Many street markets and street food .

Esperando el atardecer , en Uskudar .
Waiting for the sunset  , in Uskudar .

In the old city , in the part of Hippodrome  . You can find Constantinople Catedral and The Blue Mosquee . Its the most tourist part . Turkish people can speak several language . They are very friendly , always trying to get as much as they can from the tourist . But they are so funny and outgoing  .

Palacio de Dolmabahce .
Dolmabahce Palace  .

Dolmabahce Palace and Topkapi , its  very worthy to visit . The decoration is very beautiful and they are very big , with many rooms inside . So you have many things to check .

A la entrada , n el Palacio de Dolmabahce .
At the entrance  ,  Dolmabahce Palace  .

At night is very nice to walk around Instanbul , if the weather is good . One of the favorite plans for turkish people are sitting  down ,  relaxing  with tea and smoking shisha . Turkish people are having tea ,  the whole day .

Tomando el te y fumando shisha .
Having tea  and smoking  shisha .

One of the plans , during day or night , its walking around Grand Bazar . You can find there ,  anything you are looking for . They are gonna speak to you in your own language and you need to barguin to get the best price . Many local clothes , food , souvenirs …

El Gran Bazar .
Grand Bazar .
En el Hipodromo .
Hippodrome .
Catedral de Constantinopla .
Constantinople .
Mezquita Azul .
Blue Mosque  .

Walking around and enjoy turkish gastronomy , was my favorite plan  . You can enjoy their kebabs , teas , turkish delights . Alcohol is expensive , they are muslim . But its easy to find alcohol  . The only problem , they sell it on a prohibitive price .

Atardecer , en el Bosforo .
Sunset  ,  Bosphorus  .

Sunset in asian part are amazing . Breathtaking !! Just to take a ferry , in a few minutes , you will get asian part . Asian part is more local place , less tourist . Its the best place to enjoy the gastronomy . Not only because of prices but also local different offers .

Cruzando a Asia .
Crossing to Asia  .
Paseando en la noche , en el Centro Historico .
Walking around  , Downtown  .
Visita a las cisternas de agua , en Estambul .
View waters tanks   ,  Instanbul .

My highlight in Instanbul was water tanks , near Hippodrome . The lights were very beautiful . It was a peaceful place , just in the heart of the city tourist place .

Relax , en Estambul .
Relax ,  Instanbul .

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