Portugal : Lisbon

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Torre de Belem .
Belem Tower .

The capital and largest city of Portugal . Aproximately 500 000 people . The architecture is very old and nice . The gastronomy and weather were great , at least at that time .

Con Sergio , de turismo , en Lisboa .
With  Sergio around  Lisbon .

I spent 3 days , with my friend Sergio . We were coming from Madrid by car . Its only 5 hours driving , 600 kilometers . When you get Lisbon , everything looks older than Madrid . It wasnt so tourist at that time . If I compare to Spain , about prices , everything is little bit cheaper .

Tranvia , en Lisboa .
Tramway  ,  Lisbon .

Walking around Lisbon its really nice . Plaza du Comercio and around city center . Its also really nice to visit Belem Tower and San Jeronimos Monastery .

Monasterio de los Jeronimos .
Jeronimos Monastery  .
Vistas desde la Torre de Belem .
View from   Belem Tower .
El Rio Tajo .
Tajo River  .

In the mornings we were doing tourist thing , walking around city center . We also visited San Jorge s castle , amazing view from there , resting and taking some pictures . The place is great and also the way to reach the Castle . You need to walk always uphill . Street are very old and architecture great . You can also go by tramway , if you want to save energy or time .

Vistas desde el Castillo de San Jorge , en Lisboa .
View from  San Jorge s Castle  ,  Lisbon .

About gastronomy , I focused in Bacalao . Its a fish they cook in 1000 different ways . I just tried 3 of them . A funny thing in Lisbon !! When you are gonna have a beer . They offer to you a little tapa , here its not Spain , I mean its not for free . If you eat the tapa , they are gonna charge you in your bill ,

Lisboa desde arriba .
Lisbon view    .
Bonita vista , en Lisboa .
Great view  ,  Lisbon .

Last day , before leaving Lisbon . We went to an Oceanarium and Nations Park zone . Its a very nice place . Its very new and many beautiful gardens around .

Mantas Raya .
Ray .
Tiburon .
Shark  .

Hanging out Barrio Alto . It was local place . Many people were  drinking a kind of wine , very similar to Spanish sangria , but stronger and little bit less sweet .

Paseando por Lisboa .
Walking around  Lisbon .
Baños PPublicos .
Publics Toilet  ,  Lisbon  .
Plaza de Comercio .
Plaza du Comercio .

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  • I’d love to go to Lisbon. In one of your photos I see the limestone cobbled patterned pavements that we’ve come across in the Algarve and in Madeira. I love the old Portuguese architecture with its bright colours and designs, iron grilles and balconies. In the eastern Algarve many old houses are covered with brightly patterned tiles.

  • Hello Ruben, you have to make a special edition by medieval castles of Europe, Portugal has many surrounded by beautiful picturesque villages.
    In the North you will find villages and small towns in the highlands, the food is worthy of kings and at very affordable prices. In nature, Peneda-Geres National Park (Rated as a national park), we also find good Parks in the rest of the country with fabulous species and an immaculate charm.

    • Thanks !! Id like to visit those places . Im gonna start traveling by bicycle . I guess its gonna be easier for visiting villages and small towns !