Macedonia: Lake Ohrid

Lake Ohrid

Lago Ohrid .
Lake Ohrid .

Its located in Ohrid city .The lake is one of the oldest and deepest in the world . Ohrid is small city . Aproximately 40 000 people . But in summer population grow up .

Lago Ohrid iluminado .
Lake Ohrid  .

Its very quiet and familiar place . I was coming from Bulgaria . So , I think people were frendlier than in Macedonia . They barely speak English . Its difficult to read cirilic language . So you need to ask all the time . Prices are very cheap . It was high season but still cheap .

Muy animado , en el Lago Ohrid .
People swimming  , in  Lake Ohrid .

In the mornings , I was going to sunbath , reading , swimming … It was full of people . I was enjoying walking around the town . In the town , they have churches and mosques . I was eating street food , which was so tasty and economic … Kebabs , pizza , hamburguers …

Mezquita , en Ohrid .
Mosque ,  Ohrid .
Hamburguesa con patatas fritas .
Hamburguer .

At night , the plan was  having dinner , a beer and walking around the lake . Many people during the night , the weather was so nice . They have entertaiment for young and old people .

La gente disfrutando , en Lago Ohrid .
Lake Ohrid .
Tomando una cerveza .
Having a beer  .

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