Argentina : Iguazu Waterfalls




Iguazu  Waterfalls



Garganta Ojo del Diablo .
Garganta Ojo del Diablo .


Iguazu Waterfalls are on the North of Argentina , in Misiones . Being honest , a wonder !! I visited them from argentinan side . You can also visit them from brazilian side . Iguazu waterfalls are amazing !! Its better if you go first thing in the morning , if you want to visit all of them  . Its very big , you have a train to move around , but you need to walk a lot to reach some places . The weather was really nice  , I was lucky .




Bus a Las Cataratas de Iguazu .
Bus to  Iguazu Waterfalls  .



Ojo del Diablo .
Garganta Ojo del Diablo .



Vistas ,  en Iguazu .
View  of  Iguazu Waterfalls  .



I got up very early , but I got there late . Because I was run out of argentinan pesos . I lost an hour looking for a real change . They have double value , USD ,  in Argentina , so I was looking for an honest guy to change my money at that change .



Paso Superior .
Overpass  .



Paso Inferior .
Underpass  .


Iguazu waterfalls is very tourist . Once you are there , you can see amazing landscape . You can go by train to the main waterfall , Garganta Ojo del Diablo . More and more waterfalls … Photos and more photos with amazing landscape . Its like Machu Pichu , maybe little bit less spectacular , but you never get tired to take pictures . Its incredible !!




Increible !!
Incredible !!



Una maravilla .
Very beautiful !!.





Posando , en Iguazu .
Poshing , Iguazu Waterfalls .


Amazing views from Overpass to Underpass . It was declared  one of the Wonders of the World . Its  totally worthy . View , with the rainbow was great  !!




Plena Naturaleza .
Nature .



Paso Inferior .
Underpass  .


If I compare to Machu Pichu , for example . Iguazu is more economic , its not so tourist . They increased prices in Machu Pichu , 50 USD . Here it was just 15 USD . Buses to go Iguazu also much cheaper . But Machu Pichu , has more magic , from my view point . Coming back Iguazu I spent my last night in Ciudad del Este .



Cataratas de Iguazu .
Iguazu Waterfalls  .




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