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2 Special Gifts for You

You trust me with your time, to read my blog and share my travel experience. I want to give you back the favor.

As you know, I’ve been traveling the world for 6 years now. And 70+ countries after, all I want is to travel more. If you’re traveling right now, I’m sure you feel the same. If you haven’t traveled yet, then I hope you’re getting all the inspiration and push you need from the blog. But, I will not lie to you. There are times I think hard about the decisions I make.

What happens next after I have traveled to these many countries?

I have traveled far and wide and have seen some sad faces of the world. Is there any help I can do about it?

These are honest and personal questions. You might have been feeling the same. You have that story the world is waiting to hear and yet you don’t see it worth telling. Why?

A year ago, someone close to me told me, “Hey Ruben. You should start to blog. Wouldn’t you like to write and share your stories and everything you see when you are traveling. People will learn a lot about it?” I was traveling slow in Asia so I thought, WHY NOT. I do want to share my stories. I do want people to know that they can travel, especially if that’s their dream. So I went ahead and started a free blog. I was advised to start a hosted blog, but no, of course I wouldn’t do that. It just doesn’t make sense for me at that time. Were  you having the same thoughts? (More here on why you should be using a hosted blog)

I don’t want to spend on anything that is not for my travel.

I don’t need a blog. No one’s going to listen to my story.

I don’t have time for this. I don’t want problems. I want to travel simple and always feel that I’m on a holiday.

I had the very same objections. But as you know, I finally started my hosted blog this month. (Not sure how a hosted blog is different from a free one? View a quick explanation here). Want to know what happened? In just 14 days of launching a real blog, I was able to get these:


Here are my Google Analytics traffic after 14 days of launching the blog.

The blog got 9,000+ views from over 5,000 people


Gamin New vs Returning

Out of 5,000 readers, there are 1,000 who viewed the blog more than once.


Here are the newsletter subscribers that the blog got in the first two weeks

We can send email updates and personal messages to 208 readers.


Does that sound a lot to you? Because to me, it absolutely blew my head off. And this is just after 14 days. I thought I was no one. A simple guy with no story to tell. But I was wrong. People actually wanted to hear my stories. People wanted to read. People needed the guides. And this could also be you. So why not start sharing your own story NOW?

In this week’s spirit of gift giving, I want to help you get started on sharing your stories and experience to the world. Get your feet wet. Enjoy having people listen to what you have to say. Help people with what you have to teach. To help you with this, I reached out to Siteground, my blog host, if they can allow me to offer a much lower discount for the new bloggers in our community. And they said YES! All followers of Gamin Traveler already have the chance to get their blog hosting for 60% off the original price. (You should see this option on the sidebar of every blog post I have). But from November 27-30, this discount will go down to 70% Off. This means you can start your blog for less than $3 per month. It’s a super BIG steal! You can imagine how excited I am to write this to you.

Now, you should know that Siteground is a big part of the work I’m doing with Gamin Traveler. I am able to offer a great experience to all the readers of the blog, due to so much big help I get from them.

I am not a techy person.

I am super not into technical things. Siteground has helped me move my whole site, from my old blog to this new one, for free. Also, for every little problem I don’t understand and don’t know how to do with the blog, they have a 24/7 live chat that is super responsive and super helpful. So I just chat with them free, anytime, if I have questions. I can also ask their help to do techy things for the blog.

I needed something that can make my blog load very fast, stay secured against online threats, but won’t cost me a lot of money.

This one is very important. You do know that my way of travel is simple and frugal and I focus on staying with locals, living and experiencing life with them. I was happy to get a great service for an amount that will not break the bank and will not take away too much from the travel budget.

Not only that. This offer will be given to you, risk free. You can test the service for 30 days. If at any point, you feel that it’s not for you, you are guaranteed to get your money back, no questions ask. I vouch for their service because I had done my own research plus I have with them almost for a month now. But don’t take my word for it. Test by yourself. Check if the service feels right for you. You have 30 days guaranteed refund. And there’s more. Once you get the hosting for the discounted price, this will be the price for you for all the years to come. (You can read here and here to find out more about the Siteground advantage).

Here are special gifts for you this Thanksgiving, from Gamin Traveler.

I would love to take advantage of this, but I still don’t know how to blog all my experience. I have the stories, but I’m not good in writing. I don’t know how to promote online. How will I make this work?

Yup, I was definitely like this, too. Notice any difference in my new posts? Try to compare it with this old one. I didn’t suddenly become a master in writing and storytelling. No, I’m still practicing everyday to write better. But want to know how my posts this month has been WAY BETTER than the last 400 stories I posted? Because I had some help.

Let me introduce you to Rachel, the person behind my website design and for everyday kicking my ass to make sure I only write useful content that will matter to you. Stories that will help you plan your travel properly, experiences to inspire you, and guides I can teach you. She makes sure I only make incredible content that you will enjoy and you will need to read. She makes sure that every week we take things to the next level. That’s why I created a 26-page Travel Without Money guide for you, and every week I write posts 5000 words long. What a job! And since she’s super nice, I asked her if there’s any way we can take this offer to a BIGGER level. And guess what? She knew exactly what to do.

On top of the 70% off you’ll be getting for your hosting, you will get to talk to her for FREE. Yes. A 35-minute call with her, to help you get started on your blog. To have post plans, to understand your purpose, and how you can get your story out in the real world fast, and reach the right people who needs to hear about it. You’ll get ideas how to get a lot of traffic, how to show your unique voice to the world, and how you can start earning money on the side from your blog. All these for free. So now, you wouldn’t have any excuse not to begin to share your story. Her strategy calls usually cost $115, but as a special gift, she will offer this call to you for FREE. And that’s my second gift to you. All because I want to help you start writing your story NOW.

Do you already have a website but still want to get advantage of this free strategy call? In that case, I suggest that you get a hosting for a side project that you are planning to start, or any future site you might want to do. This will still be considered as a purchase of hosting, and you can still be eligible for the free call, and we can talk about your original site already in the works now.

So, here are 2 qualifications for the 2 special giveaways:

  1. You don’t have a blog yet – Just get your 70% discount on hosting and you can get your free strategy call.
  2. You already run your blog/website – Get a host for a side project, or refer the discount to a friend. Both of you can get the free call.

How the free call gift will work?

  1. Purchase the hosting from here. You should get a confirmation email of the purchase.
  2. Forward it to [email protected], cc: [email protected] – Once we receive your email, you will get an email from us telling you how we can schedule the call, initial worksheets for you to prepare for the strategy call, and a questionnaire to help us understand what your plans for your blog are. You will have a 35-minute, in-depth discussion with Rachel, where you can discuss your answers in the questionnaire and the worksheet. We will come up with a quick start plan for you that you can apply for your blog on the spot.


Here are special gifts from Gamin Traveler for all the blog readers.

Get your gifts by clicking the photo above.


Rachel has worked with some of the most amazing international social enterprises and solo-entrepreneurs, helping them with social media work and producing content strategies to help tell compelling stories and attract the right audiences for their cause. Best of all, she’s super into blog planning and strategies. You’ll have a blast talking with her.

Here’s one of her most recent client testimonials:


This is Rachel's client testimonial.


Here are some of the work that she has done:

  1. Help a US startup launch a campaign for an iOS mobile app. The campaign was supported 110% and the Twitter followers grew from 500 to 4,000 in a span of a month, during the campaign.
  2. Reached the last round of contenders for the Content Manager Position for Neil Patel’s  upcoming book launch.
  3. And my personal story, helped me achieved almost 10,000+ views on my blog in a span of a few weeks.

The offer will be given to the first first 3 people who will get their blog hosting. We will also draw 2 more from the rest that will purchase the hosting, to giveaway free strategy calls. Are you ready? The discount will run from NOV 27-30, and we will send a persoal email to all the readers who will get the call. On Dec 1, we will make sure all the readers getting the strategy call will be announced on social media and via email. You can access your special gifts from the image below.

Here are special gifts for you this Thanksgiving, from Gamin Traveler.


I am very excited to talk about your blog plans SOON. Cheers your happiness!