Things to do in Bintan, Indonesia

Bintan is an island in Indonesia, a mere 45 minute ferry ride from Singapore. Check this link, to know more information about schedules and prices for the ferry. If you’ve been looking at new places to visit in Southeast Asia, or if you are always passing by Singapore in between flights and needed a quick getaway, a visit to Bintan is definitely worth it. Here is a list of things to do in Bintan, Indonesia.

1. Take a day tour through Sebung River’s Bintan Mangrove Discovery Day Tour

Roamntic getaway things to do in Bintan

Indonesia’s Bintan island is actually surrounded by preserved Mangrove trees. A lot of the Mangrove population is considered extinct and it’s one of the main preservations and attractions of Bintan Indonesia to actually show the full beauty of their Mangrove forest. On our first day in Bintan, we did the Mangrove Tour in Sebung River. This is a one-hour Mangrove Day tour where you will be taken around the whole of Sebung River to discover its various Mangrove trees, how all these plants co-exist in the whole Mangrove forest, some history and environmental tidbits, and we even saw some wild animals. This part of our visit in Bintan was definitely unique. If you are the type of traveler that enjoys discovering trees, and environmental beauty and information, this is definitely a trip you should make. Our official Mangrove tour guide, Fadli, has been very informative and fun to go around with. We even saw one snake! There were lots of areas to visit, and the day was a good one for sunset so we were able to take some pretty unforgettable shots.

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Mangroove Tour things to do in Bintan

With our guide things to do in Bintan

2. Visit the Plaza Lagoi Mall for some authentic Indonesian local food

Local food things to do in Bintan

Food is just so difficult to separate from travel. One of the wonders of leaving your country is the joy of discovering new food. We were staying near the Plaza Lagoi Mall where we ate sumptuous local food served by Idola Café. We had a few local dishes  for dinner, satay, delicious soups, and chicken. It was definitely a satisfying evening! Make sure that when you visit Bintan, you still get the chance to see its local side. The island is near Singapore, and is developed and marketed as a luxury resort destination so the area is definitely prepared for tourists and luxury stays. We are happy to still experience the local side of traveling in Bintan with their food!

3. Do sports activities with Treasure Bay Bintan

ATV things to do in Bintan

Treasure Bay Bintan’s Crystal Lagoon is the largest lagoon in Southeast Asia at 6.3 hectares, (equivalent to 50 Olympic-size swimming pools). It is the first man-made seawater lagoon in Southeast Asia. If you’re into sports and active travel, Treasure Bay Bintan is definitely the way to explore Bintan. They have a lot of amazing land and water recreational activities. Unfortunately for us, we had a super limited time visiting Treasure Bay Bintan because it rained so hard after a few hours. However we had one of the most adventurous time staying there. We did the ATV tour where we spent an hour of super fun ATV ride around the muddy course of Treasure Bay Bintan. The whole ride is supported by a guide, however you need to be very careful and at least trained to really operate an ATV because there were some advance trails that you had to pass by. We had 3 levels of trails and we had the most amazing time. Luckily, we had some time to spare before it rained hard. We weren’t able to resist a swim at the beautiful Crystal Lagoon. The water is just crystalline blue, such a beautiful sight to see.

Swimmings one of the things to do in Bintan

Crystal Lagoon one of the things to do in Bintan

4. Walk around Lake Lagoi

mangroove tour as things to do in Bintan

Around Grand Lagoi things to do in Bintan

Into fishing or small recreational boat rides? The Grand Lagoi River is both peaceful and picturesque. If you are fond of quiet and simple afternoons, you can’t deny that the lake is very inviting. Just check out the amazing views we were able to get of the lake!

5. Walk around or swim in the Lagoi Bay Beach

Walking around the beach, things to do in Bintan

The beach is almost always in our itinerary! Yup. Total beach bums. During our stay, the monsoon season’s start is very evident. The water was wavy, and the wind was blowing strongly, but the beach was still a nice touch. A good morning and afternoon stroll or some dip is definitely a must do!

6. Stay in a resort hotel – Our recommendation: Grand Lagoi Village

Luxury Resort things to do in Bintan

Now you can’t really say no to luxury stays right? Bintan is definitely developed for this. We stayed in Grand Lagoi Village for our first few days, and it is definitely positioned well in the area. Next to Plaza Lagoi Mall, the Bay beach, the Lagoi lake, 15 minutes from Treasure Bay Bintan, it was a no-brainer to stay here. It was also a quick 15-minute ride from terminal so it was a close journey from the ferry from Singapore, too.

7. Bar7 Rooftop Bar & Grill

Dinning food at kky one of the things to do in Bintan

Infinity pool things to do in Bintan

This restaurant is actually the rooftop bar and restaurant of Grand Lagoi Village. It’s the perfect place for dining while enjoying a view. And the food is high end and delicious. Try to visit at sunset time and you will enjoy an amazing view while enjoying their cocktails and having barbecue. Going before the sunset? Enjoy the infinity pool swimming and relax before dining.

8. Enjoy the sunset and sunrise (it´s a must in the list of things to do in Bintan).

Sunsets things to do Bintan.

We aren’t an early bird people, but we did the effort to wake up and see the sunrise. It was great enjoying the quiet mornings and walking around while meeting locals and try to learn new things about Bintan: food, language and even more newer things to do in Bintan. Also at the end of the day we enjoyed taking pictures of the sunset.

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We had an amazing time visiting Bintan, Indonesia. Definitely off beat, as it’s not one of the most visited areas in the Southeast, but the place is highly developed. There are many things you will surely love. If you want to read more things to do in Bintan, check here.

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Let us know how you loved this post in the comments below! Excited to add Bintan to your 2017 bucket list?

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